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Hey guys! I'm Rebecca. I'm currently 21 years old and I'm currently based in a small town in Kildare, Ireland. This is my second blog and it's one that I'll be doing different types of posts and collaborate with a few other bloggers during the time of this blog! My first blog is here - ThatSoBekaah and thats where I upload 4 times a week! 

I'll just tell you a bit about myself - I have done two years in college studying Horsemanship which is everything to do with equestrian and running an equine business. I am hoping to do a Make-Up Artist course in the next few months as it's something that I am big into at the moment. 

I will be uploading here every other day - no schedule has been set yet but once it does it'll be up on this! 

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Email thatosbekaah@gmail.com

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